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As a rule of thumb, ten square feet of mold contamination constitutes a situation requiring professional remediation. In addition to the more obvious problems caused by mold, its presence creates a multitude of potential liabilities for property owners, realtors, home inspectors, builders and even insurers.

Awareness of the issues raised by the presence of indoor mold has skyrocketed in recent years, and the seemingly more frequent occurrences of of flooding and severe weather have only reinforced that perception. As result, "mold disclosure" forms are becoming a common requirement, and most insurance companies now exclude coverage for mold and its consequences.

Many forms of mold that are often asscociated with health issues thrive on cellulose -- the common component of many modern building materials like drywall. wood, paper and ceiling tiles. Newer homes are also more airtight, making them ideal incubators for mold once it gets a toehold. These factors are causing major mold problems in the glut of homes that are presently untenanted.

Mold is opportunistic and litigation can be too. Neither problem will go away by itself.


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