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While there is little agreement as to the exact consequences of mold exposure, scientific data makes it very clear that potentially harmful effects cannot be ignored. The most common health issues associated with mold inhalation are allergic reactions; asthma episodes; irritations of the ear, nose and throat; sinus congestion; and other respiratory complications.

Many forms of mold trigger a response from the body's immune system. Some people have compromised immune systems, others may have a system that is hypersensitive. These individuals are at greatest risk.

Environmental variables such as the frequency, duration and concentration of mold exposures also influence outcomes. At present there are no standards for judging what is an acceptable, tolerable, or even normal level of mold.

Some very dire conditions have been associated with mold, though the causal relationship is not yet clear. In the absence of conclusive data, simple common sense reveals the importance of thoroughly cleansing any mold contamination, and doing so as safely as possible.

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