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Biological contanimation odor cleaning and inanimate allergins mold stain cleaning is an especially difficult and destructive problem. Once it takes hold, its elimination can be uncertain and costly -- using conventional techniques and technologies.

XSpor Life Sciences gives home and property owners an effective, long-lasting, and environmentally sound solution.

Our process employs a proprietary formulation of enzymes (EnzyCleanse) scientifically engineered to safely clean up the contamination created by biological contaminated inanimate allergen odor and stains. EnzyCleanse has the additional benefit of not being a pesticide, and therefore has no toxic pesticidal activity.  The formula, applied in mist form, has been verified to be safe for humans, pets and plants, and is no more "destructive" than a simple mist of water. Most other treatments on the market today use harsh chemicals that actually rely on their toxicity to have any effect at all.

The non-volatile nature of EnzyCleanse interaction with surfaces allows the enzymes to penetrate deeper and remain effective longer. Using XSpor's EnzyCleanse, you don't have to make holes in your walls -- or remove them -- to reach embedded contamination. Life science technology makes it possible for property owners large and small to breathe a sigh of relief, safely.


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