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A convergence of specialized life science expertise and proven business acumen has created an entirely new method of cleaning up indoor environmental contamination and an entirely new company, focused on providing innovative and effective treatments for affected properties.

XSpor Life Sciences has at its core the all natural, totally "green" cleaning formula developed specifically for mold contamination by our own scientific staff. Called EnzyCleanse, the solution is a proprietary blend of specific enzymes, that has been thoroughly tested in the field before being made available through XSpor's network of experts.

Research and product development capabilities are complemented by a growing network of XSpor licensees, strategically situated in regions where the need is most acute. The treatment process is non-destructive and requires minimal interruption. Dealing with XSpor is just as simple and straightforward.

XSpor has rapidly made its presence and unique services well-known. As you re-visit this site you will witness the emergence of a new industry leader.

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