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As the owner or manager of a commercial property, biological contaminating inanimate allergen mold odors and stain infiltration creates a multitude of negative exposures. The value of the property can decline dramatically. Your ability to use or lease the space may be radically reduced. And workers or tenants may put forward health claims.

XSpor Life Sciences is at the forefront of strategic control. Our process utilizes a proprietary formulation (EnzyCleanse) of 100% organic, green-engineered enzymes. The treatment application is entirely non-destructive, requiring minimal downtime.

XSpor treatments are verified by third-party lab testing. This documentation can protect you in much the same way that EnzyCleanse can protect your property.

Most other biological contaminate inanimate allergen mold odor & stain cleaning procedures rely on chemicals known to be toxic -- to people and pets. These chemicals are typically highly reactive and may cause negative interactions. At the very least, their use requires significant caution by all parties.

Biological contanimate inanimate allergens mold stains and odors are a pain. XSpor makes it go away. And you can get back to business.


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