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Mold is a living organism. It doesn't really spread --- it grows. Stop the growth and you've stopped the mold problem. That is the XSpor strategy.

Mold begins with a spore, which grows into a strand called a hypha. Over time the hyphae become a dense intertwined mat (mycelium). This is the stage we visually associate with the presence of mold. At this point, sporulation takes place, producing the next generation of spores. And so the cycle will continue, unless interrupted.

The enzymes in XSpor's EnzyCleanse are tailored to enter the mold proteins and disrupt the reproductive cycle. The process is organic and non-volatile, meaning that the effectiveness of the EnzyCleanse treatment persists, penetrating the mold build-up thoroughly, reaching affected areas well below the surface and point of first contact.

Compared with the expense and disruption of demolition and removal, or the comparatively short-term and superficial results achieved by toxic chemicals, the advantages become clear. XSpor outsmarts the mold. You should too.

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