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      The most commonly offered environmental cleaning services involve chemicals like ammonia, peroxide and chlorine. Pretty nasty stuff, but who wants to play nice with mold? However, a comparison shows what really gets the job done.  
STABILITY Chemicals such as bleach and peroxide are highly reactive and lose effectiveness within hours.
  Enzymes are non-reactive and very stable.Their effectiveness can remain for months, even years.  
SPECIFICITY Chemicals are non-specific; their effects are not limited to a single material. Anything in contact with these chemicals may be harmed. Enzymes in the XSpor formulation are highly specific, developed to interact with contaminants and harmless to other substances.  
PROCESS Chemicals are consumed as they react. When used up, their effectiveness is over. Contaminants may remain; no further cleaning will take place. Enzymes work catalytically, meaning that they enable reactions, but are not consumed in the process. Enzymes remain active and retain their effectiveness.  
TOXICITY Chemicals like ammonia, peroxide, and chlorine often have active ingredients that pose a degree of health risk. Enzymes are organic and totally safe. Everything in the XSpor formulation is recognized as "Generally Regarded As Safe" (GRAS) by the FDA / USDA.  
PENETRATION Chemicals, because they are consumed as they work, are not well-suited to penetrate and reach subsurface contamination. Enzyme formulations can be tailored for maximum penetration. This delivers active ingredients deeper into affected areas.  

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